Inflatable Rental Business Guide

Inflatable Rental Business Guide

Starting an inflatable rental business can be a fun and profitable venture. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Research and Planning:

  • Market Research: Research the demand for inflatable rentals in your area. Identify your target market, such as birthday parties, corporate events, school functions, etc.
  • Competition Analysis: Study your competitors to understand their offerings, pricing, and customer base.
  • Business Plan: Create a detailed business plan outlining your goals, target market, marketing strategies, pricing, financial projections, and operational plan.

2. Legal Considerations:

  • Business Structure: Choose a suitable business structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, etc.) and register your business with the appropriate local authorities.
  • Permits and Licenses: Obtain any necessary permits or licenses required to operate an inflatable rental business in your area.
  • Insurance: Get liability insurance to protect yourself from any potential accidents or damages.

3. Inventory and Equipment:

  • Inflatables Selection: Choose a variety of inflatable options, such as bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, interactive games, etc. Consider the preferences of your target market.
  • Quality and Safety: Invest in high-quality, safe, and well-maintained inflatables. Safety is paramount in this business.

4. Location and Storage:

  • Storage Space: Depending on your inventory size, you'll need a secure space to store your inflatables when they're not in use.
  • Transportation: Consider how you'll transport the inflatables to and from events. A suitable vehicle is essential.

5. Pricing and Packages:

  • Pricing Strategy: Set competitive yet profitable rental rates. Consider factors like rental duration, type of inflatable, and additional services.
  • Packages: Offer different rental packages to cater to various customer needs. This might include packages for different event sizes and budgets.

6. Marketing and Promotion:

  • Website: Create a professional website with high-quality images and detailed descriptions of your inflatables. Include an easy-to-use booking system.
  • Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase your products, share customer testimonials, and engage with potential customers.
  • Local Advertising: Advertise in local newspapers, magazines, and community boards. Attend local events to showcase your inflatables.
  • Partnerships: Partner with event planners, schools, daycares, and other local businesses to increase your reach.

7. Customer Service:

  • Responsive Communication: Ensure you're responsive to customer inquiries and booking requests.
  • Clear Policies: Have clear rental terms, cancellation policies, and safety guidelines available for your customers.
  • Feedback: Encourage customers to provide feedback after their events to continuously improve your services.

8. Operations:

  • Booking System: Implement an efficient booking and scheduling system to manage reservations.
  • Delivery and Setup: Ensure timely delivery and proper setup of inflatables at the event location.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your inflatables to extend their lifespan and ensure customer satisfaction.

9. Growth and Expansion:

  • Customer Referrals: Encourage satisfied customers to refer your services to others.
  • New Offerings: Consider adding new inflatables or related party services to attract repeat business.
  • Expand Geographically: As your business grows, you might explore opportunities to expand to neighboring areas.

Remember that starting a business requires dedication, hard work, and adaptability. By following these steps and focusing on delivering excellent customer experiences, you can build a successful inflatable rental business.

Ken Xu
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Useful Tips - How to store your inflatables properly

Useful Tips - How to store your inflatables properly

Bounce houses and blowers need to be stored in a thick and durable bag that will protect it from dirt, dust, and bugs and keep it secure while being transported from one place to another.

Additionally, it is important to store the bounce house and blower in either your garage, shed, basement or any other place that will protect the bounce house and blower from the elements and keep it from water and heat.

Here comes the questions - How do I Fold a Bounce House to Fit in That Small Bag?
This does not have to be one of those frustrating purchases that never folds back down into its original form, however it does take some consideration to make sure all the air is out and that it stays folded tightly and compact. Below are some steps to help you visualize how to best fold and roll a basic bounce house for storage.
1. Deflate the bounce house so that most of the air is out. Once it is generally flattened, fold in all the tubes and slides that stick out so that it takes the general shape of a square or rectangle.
2. Depending upon the size of your storage bag, fold the large rectangle in either thirds or halves to reach the desired height. As you fold, tuck in any sides or netting that may come out of the sides. At this point, you should have one long strip or rectangular shape.
3.  Recruit someone to help with this next part. With you on one end of the rectangle, slowly squeezing and rolling the end as tightly as possible, have your helper roll right in front of you to get all the air out of inflatable parts ahead.
Keep rolling until it is a tightly rolled burrito-shape and lift into the bag.

Gabby Ji
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Packing process

Packing process

How do I roll an inflatable?

You've successfully used your inflatable, but now it's time to roll it back up. What's the best way to roll up your inflatable? While everyone has their own slightly different method, we present here the standard method of rolling an inflatable.

1. Deflate the inflatable, and make sure all deflation zippers are open to allow air to escape.

2. Begin by folding the inflatable into even thirds or quarters (the final width should be as wide as your storage bag).

3. Once you have the inflatable folded into a manageable thirds or quarters, begin rolling the inflatable towards the open deflation zipper.

4. As you roll the inflatable, continue to depress the air out in front of the roll to assure a tight, even roll.

5. Secure the rolled inflatable in its protective vinyl storage bag.


Ken Xu
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Commercial Inflatables vs Residential Inflatables

Commercial Inflatables vs Residential Inflatables

There are two types of inflatables, residential and commercial.

Residential inflatables are sold to parents who want to set them up in their yards for their children, they can be easily found in large stores such as Walmart, which tend to be cheaper in price and quality. 

Commercial inflatable are sold to companies that rent them for parties and special events, they are manufactured by companies like Omega Inflatables and are more duarable and  built-to-last. 

Residential and commercial inflatables differ in terms of the way they are made and how long they last. Here are some details: 


Order Commercial Inflatables from Omega.

Omega Inflatables is a professional Chinese manufacturer exporting commercial inflatables to rental businesses worldwide, our inflatables are loved by customers around the world. Contact us now if you are interested in ordering commericial inflatables. :) 


Gabby Ji
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Omega Inflatables used for Indoor or Outdoor?

Omega Inflatables used for Indoor or Outdoor?

All of our inflatables are commercial-grade and for outdoor use, as well as being customized to smaller size for the indoor center. When using an inflatable outdoors, please make sure you clean it after each use, and never! -never pack it up wet! Keep it dry and it will be durable. 👍👍

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the following contact information, we will be always online and welcome your consultation.





Connie Jennifer
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How long does Omega Inflatables take to ship

How long does Omega Inflatables take to ship

There are three commonly used modes of transportation in international trade: sea, air, and rail.

If one or two bounce houses, we can only ship by air, it takes around 7-10 days, as we all know, the commercial inflatables are heavy duty, so the shipping cost is really expensive, often close to the value of the units, we generally do not suggest shipping by air, but if you need units urgently and can accept the high shipping cost, we will arrange air shipping for you.

The most common and cheapest way is to get multiple inflatables for sale and ship by sea, which will help you save cost, sea shipping takes around 20-45 days(depends on your location). If sea shipping, we recommend ordering inflatables at least 3-4 pieces( amount over $4000).

Here is the shipping process:

1. The Water Slides/Bounce Houses will be delivered to our shipping broker in Guangzhou.

2. Our shipping broker books shipment and deal with papers works.
Meanwhile, the broker on your end will contact you for paper works(they will help you throughout the whole import process).

3. Get the shipping papers and wait for a period of time.

4. When the ship arrives, the broker will notify you and send you a bill: duties and port charges(show us the bill and we will check and avoid overcharge).

5. Pay off the bill and pick up your commercial inflatables(we have insurance for the your order, if there is any damage on the packages, take detailed pictures and we will claim against the damage.

The sea shipping process is simple, all you need to do is the Steps 2 and Step 5. Then you will save costs and make profits.
Annie Kay
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Omega Commercial Inflatables Premium Quality

Omega Commercial Inflatables Premium Quality

Omega Inflatables is one of the biggest Chinese manufacturer exporting commercial inflatables to rental businesses worldwide for years,  we have been improving our quality to offer our customers built-to-last commercial grade inflatables. 

• All our inflatables are commercial-grade only for rental and hire businesses.

• Lead-free & fire-retardant 18 ounce vinyl materials(0.55mm pvc) from PLATO CHEMICALS, the best PVC supplier in China.

• Heavy-duty industrial threads.

• Military-spec1000x1000d vinyl baffles.

Sandwitched velcro pool cover and slide liner.

• Strong velcroed connection for pool liners.

Overlapping liners bewteen two sections of waterslides.

"Crocodile Mouth" used in the sidewalls.

• Double to quadruple stitches.

• Double reinforcement strips on stressed areas.

• Extra Velcro for hanging air outlet flap. 

Anti - entanglement PVC mesh netting. 

• Heavy duty YKK zippers.

• Double - sided D-ring.

Heavy Duty black velcro. 

• Bladder Misting System.

• All sewists with 5 years+ experience in the industry.

• Every inflatable is produced according to EN-14960 safety standards.

• 720dpi digitally printing with scratch-resistant laminate.

• Inflation tube backflow flap and the secondary inflation tube.

• Anti-entanglement mesh netting.


These are the common standard on all commercial inflatables, we can also customize if you have any special needs. Our customers are our top priority and we work hard towards building long-team & meaningful partnership with them. 


Gabby Ji
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Omega Inflatables Customer Reviews

Omega Inflatables Customer Reviews

Customer review is judgement or discussion of the quality of something. Omega Inflatables Customer Reviews have many other senses, it's the feedback from the direct users, we keep improving our units according to the feedback, it's important and highly helpful to our business, a review is a look at something's good and bad points.

Omega Inflatables Customer Reviews are at the bottom of the product page. If you have ordered from us, you can put a review with some simple words and photo or video after you use them; if you have not ordered from us, you can check the reviews of the customers who have ordered from us, as a reference for your order!

Contact us for more details:
FB Messenger:

Ken Xu
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Omega Inflatables Shipping Cost

Omega Inflatables Shipping Cost

A lot of customers are curious about Omega inflatable shipping costs, now let's explain to you.

There are three methods to ship commercial inflatables, by air/express/sea.

Shipping by express or air takes around 7-10 days.
For example, if you order two regular bounce houses, we can only ship by express/air, the shipping cost is close to the inflatables' price, our inflatables are commercial grade and heavy-duty, so it's expensive to ship by express or by air, we don't recommend them.

But the most common and cheapest way is to get multiple units and ship by sea, which will help you save cost, sea shipping takes around 20-45 days(depends on your location). If sea shipping, we recommend ordering over $4000, around 3-4 units.

Because freight and port fees consist of two kinds.
Some fees are charged by bill, so no matter how many units you buy, you will get charged once. (you are going to save this kind of charge if you get multiple units.)
And some fees are charged by the dimensions of packages, so the more you buy the more you pay.

Here is an example of 5 bounce houses shipped by sea to Houston, USA.
- Cost of 5 bounce houses: $704 x 5 = $3520
- Freight: $800
- Port charges and duties on arrival:  around $800
- Final total is around $5120

Please keep in mind, that freight varies according to your location and the weight of the items ordered.
If you get a list of what inflatables you want to order, please contact the sales to check the exact shipping cost.
Annie Kay
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Omega Inflatables Coupon

Omega Inflatables Coupon

1. How can I get Omega Inflatables Coupon?

Please contact our sales representative for a coupon code if you are ready to place an order.


2. When will Omega Inflatables Coupons be valid?

Omega Inflatables Coupon is valid if the order exceeds $4000, $100-$300 for each order depending on the amount of order. 

(PS: Not valid with any other special together)


3. What other discounts / special offers do you have, except for Omega Inflatables Coupons?

We have monthly specials, please click the link to check them on our website:


4. Can I have more discounts if bulk order?

If the order exceeds $30,000, you will get 6% off based on the original price
If the order exceeds $40,000, it is 7% off
If the order exceeds $50,000, it is 8% off


Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the following contact information, we will be always online and welcome your consultation.





Connie Jennifer
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Is Omega Inflatables a real company/Omega Inflatables legit?

Is Omega Inflatables a real company/Omega Inflatables legit?

Omega Inflatables is a real company. Our factory has a history of 8 years and it is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. It covers more than 3000㎡(3500yards) and with 100+ workers specializing in making inflatables.

As one of top inflatables manufacturers in China, we offer global customers built-to-last inflatables with factory price cheaper than ever and without resellers adding margins on.

  • Omega Inflatables is a legit company, we are registered legally in China with a real business licence and we are happy to show you. 
  • Complete contacts are list on our website, you can easily find our address on Google maps and contact us via any social media.
  • Real customer reviews are shown on the homepage of our website.
  • We have many happy customers across the world! We will show you customers references in your area.
  • Free sample of materials is available, contact us if you need more info.

We have come a long way, so we know precisely which direction to take when supplying U with high quality yet budget-friendly inflatable castles, bounce houses & slides.

Our customers are our top priority & through our inflatables we work hard towards building long-team & meaningful partnership with them.

Gabby Ji
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What kind of inflatable business is right for me?

What kind of inflatable business is right for me?

The inflatable business is now not just for backyard rental, there are some main business segments, we hope this article it helps you make your decision and operate a successful business.

What kinds of businesses can I choose from?

Here are four categories:

Backyard Rental Company:
These are the operations that handle birthday parties and the like, typically in a customer's backyard. This type of business can be money-spinning, but it is generally a smaller “weekend business” provides a secondary income for yourself. These companies typically purchase small, easy-to-operate bounce houses, combos and smalle slides.

Interactive Inflatable Rental Company:
These companies are not only for birthday parties and now rent inflatable units for corporate picnics, churches, schools and so on. Many companies start off as an above-mentioned backyard rental company and expand to larger inflatable units such as big slides, obstacle courses, and games. This can be a full-time operation.

Pay-for-Play Event Company:
This is generally more of a carnival business, instead of renting out inflatable units for a set amount of money, these companies provide for local and regional events and set up a large eye-catching inflatables then people are willing to purchase tickets to experience.

Indoor Inflatable Play Center:
This operation features a large indoor space filled with inflatable units and other attractive items. Owners typically provide either to scheduled parties or are open to the public during a set period of time each day.


To be honest, this depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking to just make a little extra money on the side? A backyard rental business is probably good for you, costs (such as gas, insurance, and repairs) are not excessive, and you can usually make a small but steady profit during the year. But what if you already have a backyard business and want to expand?

If you want to provide service to schools, corporations, churches etc. can be stressful, as can operating the larger inflatable units it necessitates. It will definitely force you to grow your operation into more of a full-time business, this means new equipment, more staff, some advertising and marketing efforts, as well as all the other headaches that go with owning your own business. But there is more profits, as well as all the other benefits that go with owning your own business!
Ken Xu
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